Wednesday, September 20, 2017

What I am really liking about Apple Products

What I am really like is that they all work together when on the WIFI. I can get a text message while I am just using the iPhone and go and open my MacBook, or iPad and answer the text. I can be looking at a webpage on the phone and switch to using the computer or iPad for a larger screen. This makes things work so much better. I also like that most of my apps are one the iPhone, iPad, and the MacOs so I can switch as needed. 
I am also really liking the new IOS 11 for the iPad it is great to have the docker like on the MacOs. 

I am waiting to get my Apple Watch 3 this Friday, and no I did not get the LTE version of the watch. I will update later on the watch and High Sierra after I update it next week. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

While I was walking this morning

When I go out and walk, I do not listen to music like most do, I listen to my thoughts. Well, today the following came to me:
First I am neither republican or democrat. I am very much independent. I will say while I am a physical conservative, I am also liberal in a lot of my thinking. Now, my wife and some of my family would not believe that. For example I do not believe in abortion on demand, but I do believe there are certain reasons for it, mostly if the mother is in danger of death and that would also cause the death of the baby. I am not a racist, I have friends and family that are from most color and nationalities. I do believe also that the groups that scream racism at others are the racist themselves. 
While I am a Christian and a believer I am also against organized religion. I believe that organized religion is of this world and not of God. So I do not recognize the Pope as a leader of God but of the world. 
I also realize something else the Bible is said to be God’s word but it has also been written by man. We recognize it as being written by God’s instruction. I follow the Bible because it makes more sense than any other book that has ever been written by man, and the fact that there is so much in the Bible that has been written in different times by so many different ones that all say the same thing. 
I do not believe that being gay is right, but I am also someone that will not belittle, or hate someone for who they are in private. I do not believe in showing sex believes in public, man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman.  That does not mean I do not kiss my wife in public, and it does not mean I will not hug my son or another very close friend in public it is just the sex part that is not meant to be made public. 
Now on to politics, this world and this country is in every bad shape due to our elite class of politicians, and the troubling thing is that we the people have allowed this to happen. We need to limit the terms of all of our politicians, and I believe that also includes the Supreme Court.  We need to make it law that what ever laws our congress, President or courts see to impose on the citizens include the law makes themselves. 
I also believe we need to bring back pray to our schools, we need to make it mandatory to stand for the pledge to our Country and flag. We should never be told we cannot fly the flag except in cases that it is not being flown correctly.
We need to respect our law enforcement as long as our law enforcement are enforcing the laws as written and not by their interpretation of the laws. 

I guess I could say so much else but I will leave that for another day.

Well it is Monday again

Well it is Monday and it is going to be different this week, my step son is having gastrulae bypass surgery tomorrow so my exercise routine is going to be interrupted I also put in a very hard routine last week and it has made me very tired so I am not really feeling up to the hard routine today. I will get out and do my 10K today and more than likely I will figure out how to do it tomorrow too. Also I am not sure what I will be doing about my eating this will, seeing my step son will be staying here for a few days after the surgery and he will be on a liquid diet, so my wife and I will more than likely be managing on salads, and cereal for most of the week. Also, I am surprised that I did not have a gain this morning after eating out yesterday, and I know I had way too much salt. And also this last week I would have been over budget if it had not been for all of my exercise burn calories. I am at 191 now that is 4 pounds below my lowest in 2013 and 4 pounds below my goal weight. But I am still 6 pounds or more above what my doctor wants me at. You see he looks at it as what I weigh fully dressed, and we all know we take our weight without our clothes. I get asked every time I see him when am I going to get the weight off and meet his goal, I keep telling him the same thing. I am eating correctly and I am exercising way more than most if not all of his other patients, so it is up to my body to make the adjustment, I am as the bodies soul doing my part.

Odds and ends

This is just some of my thoughts that more than likely will go in many ways. 

First of all I am looking forward to the new IOS11, it looks to be different and much improved over even IOS10. I will right more on this once I have my hands on it.
Second I am getting an Apple Watch, wow when the watch came out I said why would anyone want one of them. But I have been using Fitbit devices for six years now and they have progressively got more into notifications from the smart phone, so I have decided to go with the device that not only has activity tracking but also is an extension of the iPhone. And as for as the iPhone is concerned when it first came out I said I would never have one, but they kept getting better and they proved to be the most stable hardware, and Apple keeps the IOS up to date and that impressed me. I have also gotten the iPad Air 2 and now the MacBook Air. Seeing I have been in MicroSoft’s Camp for so many years, I am even surprised that I have made the switch. But I have to say I am so impressed with Apple’s hardware and now with the Software they come out with. Sure It is not as easy to personalize as some of the others but I have learned to deal with it. I have also come to understand that I just want something that works and I do not have to screw with all the time. And I have to say that Microsoft products I had to screw with it way to much. I am loving the fact that if I need to do something on one of my devices that I just open it up and do my work then put it away and go on with life, there is no making it work any more. 

Now lets get on with my life, my weight loss and maintenance is going much better than I could ever believe. I am down and holding at 191 and feeling really good. I am no longer stressed over losing my weight or keeping it off. I am no longer stress over I cannot eat this or that. I am no longer stressing over I have to do this exercise or that. I do what feels right to me and so far it is working.  The key is balance, we must eat to live and we must live to learn. Eating a portion controlled balance menu is the only way to go. Also eat to not ever feel hungry is the key for me, but yet to never feel overly full, that is the balance. As for as exercise is concerned be active for all of you're a wake hours is what is important. You should never let an hour go by without getting up and walking around for at least a few minutes. Yes that sounds to simple but it is very important. Also we need 30 minutes of at least a brisk walk everyday, and that walk does not have to be all at once. Now this is the very minimum that you need to have the minimum fitness that you need more is need to lose weight and to really be fit. 

I guess I could go on and on but why I will have other thoughts later.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Change in walking plan

For a while now I have been doing two one and a half hours walk everyday. That is three hours taken up out of my day and it amounts to about 10 miles of walking. It has been working for me and helping me drop my weight a little more, but my body was getting use to it and it was like I was just doing my normal thing. 
So this week I have been doing something different. I have been work at walking for 2 hours, and pushing for 15K steps and seven and a half miles. It is a push for me and it does take me to the point of really being tired. This morning I managed to get 15.5K steps and the 7.5 miles in 2 hours and 3 minutes. I feel great and it did push me to find it in me to reach new limits on my journey. I will stick with this for a while and then switch it up again later. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I am so happy with my Apple Devices that I am getting the Watch

I am loving the way that the iPhone, iPad, and the MacBook Air, work together that I have decided that I am ordering the new Apple Watch Series 3 without cell phone radios. 
I have been using Fitbit devices for my activity tracking for over six years. But Fitbit does not sync with Apple health and my doctors use the Apple health information to keep up with my weight, blood pressure, etc. I am very active and over the last 6 years I have logged over 18 million steps with Fitbit devices, but the lack of sync with apple health has persuaded me to move away from the Fitbit devices and get the apple watch. Sure I can use a number of apps to sync with apple health and I have tried most of them and they all seem to do the job but end up corrupting my health data or corrupting my Loseit data. So it is time for a change. I will report back in time with my take on the watch.

I order it tomorrow and with get it on September 22 or later. Until then I will not be commenting on the watch. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What has worked for me to get to where I am to day with my weight loss and fitness

First off a few things to remember reading this.
  1. This is what works for me and may or may not work for you.
  2. I am not say you should do what I am doing, all I am doing is telling you what works for me. 
  3. I am almost 70 years young so that effects what I do and do not do.

First I am going to say that I have tried the Atkins diet, the South Beach Diet, gluten free, and others that I cannot even name anymore. Most of these I have managed to lose weight but never managed to keep the weight off. What is working for me is logging everything I eat, walking, and doing some resistance workouts. I follow my stomach is the what I have told some of my friends, I eat before I am hungry and I stop eating before I am stuffed. I have learned to enjoy the feeling of being pleasantly full. I also follow the portion control concepts. I do not eliminate any real food from my diet, I limit it. I love eating cake and ice cream every now and then, and I love a cold beer or glass of wine at times, again in controlled portions. I do use Loseit to log all of my food and I have been for over 6 years. I no longer stress over the over or under calorie amounts. I am logging my food and I am eating to never feel hungry or to feel over fed. 
I walk a lot, I normally walk about 11,000 steps in the morning before breakfast, then again in the evening after dinner. My rest days are the days I only walk either in the morning or evening. I get in my 11,000 steps a day every day except days like when we had the really heavy rains. Heat does not bother me as much as cold does. 
I do about 30 minutes 3 days a week of resistance workouts, using my body, dumbbells, and a curl bar. I am not into heavy weighs, just doing enough to hopefully help tone my old muscles. 

Again I am going to say I do not believe in eliminating any real foods. But I do not eat fast foods if I can find anything else to eat. I do not drink soft drinks daily buy will allow myself one every now and then as a change of pass. I also do not have a hard regiment of foods that I eat. My weekly meals or never repeated with in the same week. My wife does the cooking and we can go weeks without repeating the same meals. Neither my wife or I like boring meals, or activities so we keep things mixed up.