Saturday, September 10, 2016

Part 2 of Our Government is making us fat.

I see that my thinking was correct that so many would not believe what I said. So let us look at some hard to take thoughts. First off there are over 100 research programs that back up what I said about what the food industry, the diet industry, and the fitness industry is doing to us. Their lobbyist live in DC and they continually pay visits to congress. The industries make their money off of keeping us fat. The medical, and drug industry in turn make their money and fortunes on us been sick and needing their services and their drugs. Do you really think any of this group want to see us anything but fat, out of shape and sick? The standards we know have were put in place in 1980 and ever since the American people have been getting fatter. And at the same time we have been eating less, we have been exercising more, and all of the illnesses have been going up and up.
Americans spend more money on fitness, diet, medical services, drugs, and food then any country in the world. We also eat the unhealthiest foods and have the worst medical serves in the world. Folks the industries do not want us healthy. If we were they lose money.
So what is the problem with our eating, it is simple we were never meant to eat grains, and other starchy foods. We were meant to eat meat, veggies, mostly green, nuts, and seeds. We were never meant to eat foods that have DNA modifications so they have longer shelf life and smaller plants create more food. We were never meant to eat processed foods, and all fast food is processed.
Now for my story over just the last few months of eating correctly. I have lost weight I have eaten more I have exercised less. Yes, you are reading that correctly. What have I changed, I have stopped eating grains, bread, rice, cereal, and white potatoes. My exercise is walking, and a resistance workout once or twice a week. I have lost about 20 pounds in 2 months. I still have 30 or 35 pounds to lose, and I have hit one of the set points or plateaus that we all do. I will get off of it but it will take some time. What will my goal weight be I really do not know but I believe it will be about 200 pounds? Now my doctor wants me down to 185, that I do not believe will happen. Why? I will be far too low in my percent of body fat.  I have done this before and kept my weight down to 199 for almost 2 years. Then I got back on the wagon of eating starchy foods and I gained my weight back. Why? I let a dietitian talk me into eating the government plan. It screwed up my weight, added belly fat, and caused my blood chemistry to go bad.
So what do I eat? Breakfast for me is two eggs, 8 oz. of milk with whey protein, and 5 oz. of tomato juice. Lunch is a piece of fruit and celery sticks. Dinner is usually 5 oz. of meat, a large salad with olive oil, and up to 4 cups of veggies. My snacks are mixed nuts unsalted.  Yes, you are seeing it correctly I have about 40 percent of my diet in fats, but good fats.
So other than losing some weight what has changed for me my blood work is much better but needs more improvements that will come as I lose more weight. I no longer have stomach problems with cramping and gas. And I no longer have painful joints, something that use to keep me on the couch because it hurt to walk. And I no longer have the bad sinus headaches and my allergies are much less.

You may still want to follow what you are told and been told by the industry that wants you fat and sick but for me I will follow what I know works. 

Friday, September 9, 2016

Our Governments are making us fat.

What I am about to say will not set well with some of you. Weight loss is a lifetime war not just a battle. You have to commit yourself to fighting to keep your weight off the rest of your life. Losing the weight and reaching your goal is not even half the battle, it is only the first skirmish. The war continues with battle after battle the rest of your life. You will tell yourself that now that I have lost the weight I can eat whatever I wish, well that may be true for a cheat meal or cheat day or two ever now and then. But you will always have to weigh and you will always have to watch what you eat and how much and you will always have to do some exercise.
Then there are some of us me included that will always believe we can lose a little more. Well our bodies have set points that it knows is what is a good weight at certain levels of our lives and our eating habits. We can force our bodies to change set points by what we eat and how much. We also influence our bodies set point by what we eat. For some of use it is different foods, but for me it is starchy foods that clog up my hormones and cause my body to add belly fat. And to be honest most of us have the same reaction to starchy foods. I am finding that I can eat some much more calories as long as I do not eat grains, and potatoes. I eat lots of meats, and green veggies, as well as fruits. I do not eat processed foods, or as I call them factory foods. The results for me has been much less stomach issues, gas pains mostly. I also do not have the joint pains that I once had, just think about doing your walks or jogging and not having knee or ankle pains. Well that has happened for me.
I do not even follow the full plan that says not to eat starchy foods, because it also says that dairy is bad for you, guess what I have my morning glass of whole milk with whey protein without any issues and I am still losing my belly and weight. Now more than likely I would lose more of my belly and lose weight faster if I did not drink my milk but that is my choice and it is working for me. We all have to experiment and find what works for us, then we have to stay with what works. If we eat the right foods I am finding that I reach the weight that my body needs to be at and it hold there to within 5 to 10 pounds. The key is keeping our hormones happy and health, which in turn keeps us health, we have to exercise but we do not have to kill ourselves with it. For me it is walking every day, something I love to do anyway. And some weekly or twice a week resistance workouts that I do because I have to not because I want to.
We will always at least most of us be at war with our weight and there will be battle after battle and skirmish after skirmish but we all can handle it as long as we set our mines to doing so.
PS: At least for me I have put the concept of low fat and no fat out of my thoughts. Fat is good, yes I said it fat is good as long as it is not created in a factory. I do not eat foods created in a factory. But I eat foods created by mother nature. I love meat but stay away from meat from animals that were forced fed grains, to fatten them. I love range fed only. Why because if the animals the meat come from were grain fed then I am going to get the same hormone clogging issues as if I ate the grain myself.

Yes, I know that I am going against and fighting what the food industry has force upon our governments to preach to us about grains are needed, and starchy foods are good. It just is not true, and our own governments are making us fat, to that the diet and fitness industries can get rich off of our backs.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

How times change

We all must have a healthy respect for guns and what they can do. But we should not be scared of guns they are only tools, and it depends on the person with the tool on how that tool is used. I was raised around guns; I cannot remember a time that there wasn’t a gun around my parent’s home. I played with toy guns from as early as I can remember and then with “Real” guns from the time I started to school. I went hunting with my dad and mom, and my dad would set up targets and we would shoot at tin cans. I can also remember getting up on Saturday mornings and taking a 22 rifle or 410 shotgun and going off in the creek bottoms all by myself, I was not more than 12 years old if that. My dad had been in the Navy at the end of WWII and believed in being prepared, and he was always talking to me about gun safety and what a gun could do to a person. I had and still have a strong respect and fear of guns. But I learned a long time ago it is not the gun you fear as much as the person who has that gun in his/her hands.  I was taught shooting also in school. When I got old enough to drive it was nothing to have a deer rifle or shotgun or even both in the back window rack of my old pickup truck. The high school parking lot would be full of them, when it was dove season, or deer season. There never was an uproar about us having guns at school they all knew we knew how to take care and handle them.
After I finished high school I went to work in a bad part of South Dallas, I was working nights and getting off work at or after midnight, I carried a 22 revolver with me at all times. I was only 19 at the time and I bought the gun myself with my own money and no one questioned me on my age or why I wanted it. I as stopped coming out of Dallas one night it was about 2 am and the only reason I was stopped was I was white in the wrong side of town at that time and the policeman was more worried about my safety than anything else. I had the revolver upon the dash of the car, I put it there I did not want any surprises when the policeman walked up to the car, I was asked for my driver’s license, and he asked me why the gun and I told him the truth I was nervous about going home from work at that time of night, he made no big issue out of it or the fact I was only about 20 at the time. This all was the mid-1960s and the world was so much different then. People respected guns, and for the most part people respect other people. I never gave it any thought on the fact that I had been around and using guns since before I could talk or even walk.

We have gotten away from that and it is a total mistake. We have been losing our rights for way to long it is time we start taking back control of the government. It government should be controlled by the people and not the people being controlled by the government. If we are not careful we will be under Marshal Law before the elections are over. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

I wish there was a way

I wish there was a way that someone with normal hearing could hear what I hear, so maybe they would not always put me down when I complain or say what.
There are some even on my family that keep putting me down and it just makes me feel like I am a lesser person or some kind of idiot. 
If only they could hear things the way I do. They do not fully understand my hearing loss, I can hear lower frequencies very well and the higher frequencies good enough but I just can not hear voices or speech, and you but a group in a room all trying to talk at once and it just sounds like a bunch of chicken hens in a chicken pen. It just flat gives me a headache, but if I say something about it then I am crazy and do not know what I am talking about, but it is them that do not understand what I am hearing or not hearing. And they do not understand that hearing aids do not correct hearing loss it only amplifies the noise they are making. My best program for hearing in noise is better than nothing but not good enough to really help. My audiologist has fine tuned the program the best she can, and I really do not believe it is the hearing aids I believe if it my hearing loss that is the issue. I just hope that some day they will be able to get the software good enough to really help me. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

My health

I am extremely fortunate to be in the extremely good health that I am in. Yes I have fought with my blood pressure at time, and I have fought with my weight my whole adult life. But I am 68 years old and will be 69 in November and I have never been in the hospital. I have never had a broken bone. But I have had issues with my knees ankles and hips, nothing that bad just aches and pains and maybe arthritis. I walk 5 to 8 miles a day, and my beautiful wife sees to it that I have a healthy balanced diet. I am and have been using the VA clinics since 2004 and have had very good service.
I am hard of hearing and I wear hearing aids provided to me by the VA. Also the VA provides all my supplies and extras that I need for my hearing aids.
I believe my good health is something that God has given me and I know that can change in a heartbeat, and when it does I will turn to my God and to my health providers and take what is in the cards for me. And yes if needed I have the insurance to go to private doctors and health care if I see that that is the best for me. And I do keep a doctor in the private sector just in case.

We should never take our health for granted, I know that to well from watching my dad, mom, grandparents go through their health issues. And also my first and also my second wife have had their issues. My eyes are open to what could and more than likely will happen sometime in my future.
I just pray to God everyday to use me and do with me what he will.
God Bless all of my Friends

Thursday, May 5, 2016

More of my feelings ant Thoughts.

This country has been torn a part by our so called president and his down right hateful politics and executive orders. We have had more mass murders under his command. And if you will stop and think about it you will see that all of the mass murders, and highest number of killings have happened in gun free zones, and where the gun controls are most restrictive, why you may ask, because criminals and terrorist are smart enough to attack the points of least resistance, that is just common sense. Why would they go where there are even the possibility that there could be more guns waiting to counter their evil.
Our so called president has set back the relationships between the races in this country by almost a century, with his words of hate and his lack of respect for our military and police forces. He has given the criminal element in this country the free hand to do what they want to with very lot or no feeling they will be prosecuted and if they are the lawyers will do their best to make it look like it was the police or the victim that was at fault. It has even come to the point the victim is at fault if he wants to protect himself.
And oh yes we have our welfare system that rewards the lazy butts that do not want to do anything and they want the ones that work to pay their way. Another democratic policy that has gone bad.
And now we have the blacks in this country that say the whites owe them what ever the whites have, I say BS if you really read your history slavery was really blacks enslaving blacks that started this whole mess.
And now days it is the citizens of the USA that are more and more every day and year being forced into slavery by the very ones that we are stupid enough to vote to run our country. I say again this country is in as bad a shape and as close to civil war as it was back in the 1860s when we had our first civil war. But this time it needs to be another revolution. And I hope it starts with the election cycle and it does not have to be violent.
I also say again that our two party system is broke. Neither the democrats nor the republicans are listening the the people. Yes we have some in this country that are to the far side both right and left but far more are closer to the middle. But they the majority are not being heard because of our media, and our two parties.
I will vote for Trump because at least right now I believe he is listening to the majority of the citizens that are in the middle politically.