Saturday, May 19, 2018

It has been busy

Up early the last two day. Been busy getting things for the front yard and the house. My weight is holding as good as it can. I do wish I could drop a few pounds, but I am so happy that I am not really gaining. 

Let’s see what has happen the last few days. We went to Lowe’s and complained about the install of the storm door. We also got needed supplies to do the steps for the front yard. We stopped by the nursery to look at the plants that we are going to have planted in the front yard. Today we went to Livingston’s for the picnic then to Southerland’s and got a few more supplies we need for the steps. 

We came home and hung the wind chime that we got yesterday. It sounds so great. And that says a lot seeing how bad my hearing is. 

Friday, May 18, 2018

I have not spoken about Intuitive Eating for a while

My eating habits are more or less Intuitive Eating. I eat what I like to eat, but I do try to eat mostly real food. My weakness is ice cream, and chocolate chip cookies. My calorie intake is averaging just under 1700 calories a day. I do have days that I am way over that and a few days that I am way under. My average calorie burn is 2200 calories a day. You would thing I am losing weight but I would say honestly that I am breaking even when you think about true calories eaten and also the fact that I am proving that not all calories are equal. I am finding that if I keep my salt levels down, my sugar level down, and I do not eat much in the way of grain than I do much better in the weight loss area. I am finding it is not simply a calorie in and a calorie out in the real world. Sure it may be that way if ever calorie was weighed and measured, and if every calorie burned was also measured some way. But life is not that perfect. We all under estimate how much we eat. And the devices we use also over estimate the calories we burn. 

I know that the a lot of you on Loseit believe that it is always calories in and calories out. I am here to say that is not proving to be so with me. 

Life is too short to eat by a book or eat what we do not like to eat. I have tried that and it can only last so long then we are eating worse that before. It is best to eat what we love to eat and to keep it as real and as healthy as possible most of the time. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Wow very busy

Up early this morning, weight about the same. Went down to see if I could take my written test for my motorcycle permit. And was total to come back at 13:00. Went to say hello to Brenda then home to wait until 12:25 to go back down to take the test. Stood in line for an hour, then got my test and passed and was out of there by 14:30. Back home by 15:00, 

I am cutting back on eating for now. Now that I have my permit to ride I will be making it to the hiking trails more. Well, if we ever get the house taken care of that is. I am finding if I get too much sugar or salt or too much of both it makes me want to eat too much. 

The new door on my office is out of alignment and they are going to have to fix it.

It is cloudy, and looks like maybe rain. It did rain and storm some yesterday evening. 

Got my license plate on my bike and a nice license plate frame

Linda and I took the scooters out for a spin around the Village. Went exploring a few places we haven't seen before. I am getting better at my stops and starts but still not that comfortable all the time. Linda is better and controling the scooter but she needs a lower seat so she can have both of her feet down while stopped and on the seat. A couple of times I thought she was going to lose it but she managed to keep control. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Busy day again

We managed to but the cases in the attic along with some boxes we want to safe. We also got down the storm door, it was easier than expected. I also but most of my office back together and also installed a ceiling fan in my office.

My weight was up this morning, I am hoping it is just too much salt. 

I will leave you with a thought that came to me this morning:

“Failures of the past are the success of the future, as long as we learn from our failures and never let our failures drag us down”

Monday, May 14, 2018

Busy Day

Up fairly early this morning, weight the same. Finished trimming up the fig tree, cutting out the dead wood as much as possible. Now I have a lot of cutting up so I can get it towed off.  Then I helped Linda get here sewing desk together and moved her machines back in the room. Tomorrow  I have to put the cases up in the attic. And I need to get the storm door out of the attic if I can so we can put it back on the back door. 

They finally came out this afternoon to install the storm door for my office, and I am so glad we checked before they left because the handle package was bad the lock is the problem, they will have to get a new handle set and come back out to install it.

We gave up today and turned on the air condition to cool things down. 

Sunday, May 13, 2018

I haven’t posted in a while

I have been really busy not that the weather has gotten to be great. With the flooring taken care of we are trying to get the house back together. We are also going to plan a deck in the back, and to do a really nice flower garden in the front yard. We are going to take out a bunch of older bushes that no longer look that great and plant new plants that have some real color most of the year. We are also going to add roses to the front yard too. I have always loved roses, even with them always attacking me when I try to trim them up.  I am also going to have to figure out what to do with the fig tree in the back yard that has so many dead limbs. And a lot of them major limbs of the tree. This fig tree must be 30 years old. 

My weight has stabilized and seems to be happy in the 193-196 range. My calorie intake for the last 28 days is averaging 1680 but my last 7 days is averaging 1750. I have been a bad boy with eating too much sugar.  But I have also had a few times that my blood sugar has been low and I have gotten dizzy, and headaches. When that happens I end up eating a cookie, or a snack size Snickers bar. 

My blood pressure has been really good, averaging 118 over 74. I believe some of it is that we have finally gotten settled in somewhat and I have stopped stressing over what needs to be done. Sure we still have a lot to do to make the place our own but it is getting there. I have also learned to give the stress over to God and let him deal with it so I do not have to shoulder it all myself. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

A wonderful day

Yesterday morning I woke up before 5am and really did not have that great a day. We went to Lowe’s just after noon to return extra supplies that were not needed for our new floor. And Linda wanted to look around like normal. I started getting a headache and it went into me being dizzy, weak and not being about the think, the classic signs that my blood sugar had crashed. I found some M&M peanuts that helped until we could get something to really eat. Went to Cracker Barrow and got their lunch special, which was Chicken pot pie, which of course, was overly salty. Supper was a large salad with some nuts, and sunflower seeds. That added salt on top of the extra salt from the Taco Salad then night before has really got me over the top on my salt and water weight. 

Today we got up about the normal time had a good breakfast, and I have worked on my office, and some work in the yard that I needed to do. I also took a few bags of leaves out so they will pick them up tomorrow. The guys came to put the storm door on my office and did not have all of the needed trim that they need so they will have to come back tomorrow and install it.

My weight is up due to too much salt and maybe too much sugar this week. I sometimes wonder what causes me to have a low sugar crash at times. And I just cannot figure it out. I did nothing different yesterday to cause the crash than I do about every day. I did have cereal for breakfast along with some apple juice. The only thing that could have cause it was I had the apple juice and it cause my body to produce too much insulin to counter the sugar in the apple juice. I normally do not drink apple juice. 

It is somewhat cloudy today and it really has made it a pleasant day to be outside I wish it could be this way year round. 

It has been busy

Up early the last two day. Been busy getting things for the front yard and the house. My weight is holding as good as it can. I do wish I c...