Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It is raining

Woke up this morning to a flash flood warning. It just means that the low lands well below my home could be in trouble. At 1250 feet above sea level we are safe and it is fun to see the waterfalls that are created as water comes down the road ditch in front of the house. I also feel sorry for the trash men today as we are still unpacking and there is a lot to be picked up. 

Weight wise I am holding at 191.4, which does surprises me seeing I have not been that good at eating correctly, and I have not been doing my walks. I guess it is just that I am busy enough with the house and unpacking that I am burning enough off to make up for my eating. I would like to get back down to around 188 again and I will work on that more as the house is put together and I can make time to walk, and hopefully the weather allows me to. 

I am getting a little impatient at getting my scooter so I can explore the area. But with all of the rain and colder weather I know I would not be out riding much anyway. 

It is time to do some work around the house. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I have been busy.

Yesterday was busy making room in the garage so our handy man could put up our hanging shelf. I moved a lot of stuff around and took more things to the shed. I also installed the MyQ garage door remote. Now I can open and close the garage door from my iPhone or Apple Watch. Yes, I know but I still like technology, and it will come in handy with the scooters. We have finally made enough room in the garage that we can get our Jeep in the garage, just in time for a major rain maker here. The weatherman is saying we should get about 6 inches of rain over then next few days. 

I am being a bad boy when it comes to eating, my weight is holding ok but I expect to see some gain. I need to cutback, and I am telling myself to, but I am eating way too much of the wrong things at this time. I know it is due to stress and the fact that I am working to help get this house in order. And the weather is not allowing our fence guy to install our fence so we can allow our dogs to come and go. We have the doggy door installed and we just need to get the fence up so they can come and go as they need to. 

I am getting excited about getting the Vespa scooters, I am wanting to get out and explore the area. I am also wanting to be able to explore the trails and really get our and walk again. 

We just received our helmets, part of the items needed to convert our trailer to a scooter hauler. We will get the needed parts which is the front wheel chokes on Thursday. I am not for sure but I believe my helmet is the same color as my scooter. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A foggy and cold morning and day

Church service was great this morning. We had steak and eggs for breakfast. And my sister and brother in law came by for a visit. Linda was upset that the house is not just perfect yet for them to see the house. I am try to say that we have made a lot of head way and we even have a lot more work to do. So do not get so upset. Linda is someone that is so impatient about things. I use to be so impatient also but I am slowly getting to the point it does not bother me that much anymore.

Weight wise I was the same this morning as yesterday. I guess it has been my weight loss and maintenance that has taught me to be more patient. 

As for as the scooters go. We have ordered what we need to take our old golf cart trailer and make it into a scooter hauler. We have also ordered our helmets and riding gloves. Linda is also looking at getting a riding suit because she gets so cold. And I may look at one also. My scooter will be reading to pick up next week but we cannot go get it until we get the fence around the back yard so our dogs (guys) can use the doggy door to get in and out of the house. It will be an all day trip to get the scooters and get back home.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Raining this morning

It is raining this morning, but this house is built such as you cannot hear the rain. 

Yesterday I started moving stuff from the garage to the new shed. I managed to get the shelves in the shed and some of the stuff out of the garage. I also managed to build the 5 plastic shelves I got from Home Depot. 

Yesterday morning we made the down payment on my Vespa and asked the dealer to find the one Linda wants. That one is just now leaving the factory in Italy. We will not have it here until early April. We are getting windshields and racks on the front and back of both scooters. I posted pictures of my scooter from pictures that the dealer send me in the previous post. 

My weight this morning is down just a little. I am cutting back but I am having a hard time with my weight due to not being about to walk. It seems that the activity of unpacking and getting this house together is not enough to off set my normal budget. So I have resorted to cutting back in my calories. I made a huge mistake for a while also of eating way too much sweets. I am also going to try and drop on down to around 185, while I am at it. I know that may not happen but I can work at it. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

I hope I am not too old to be a kid again.

I have just put my money where my mouth has been when I was saying I was going to get a Scooter.

This is a Vespa GTS300 Super sport the color is Grigio Titanio and when I pick it up it will have a windshield and front and real racks, so I can us it to go get the small stuff like milk, etc.  We are waiting to see if the dealer can find the color  my wife is wanting. But we both will have them by April we hope.

We have my wife's GTS 300 ordered and it will be here about the 1st of April.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

A great day for our Anniversary

We had a great anniversary today, lunch at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, then a bath and massage. Lunch was blacken salmon over a spinach salad, it was great. The bath was great in the hot springs. I have never had a massage until today and I will have another message soon.

Dinner was egg drop soup, with spinach in it. I also am having a beer to celebrate our anniversary. 

The Tuff shed was built in our back yard today and it took longer than the guys thought it would they were here by 9:00am and did not leave until about 1:45 this evening. Now maybe I can get some things out of the garage so we can put to car in the garage. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cloudy, foggy, and wet

The next 10 days has rain in it everyday. At least the temperature will stay above freezing.  This weather sure makes it hard to get my activity in, and to get things unpacked. To that end I have gained or it looks like if have gained up to 192.5. It is still well below what I was averaging back in 2013, when I was at my lowest at that time. But I do not want to gain it all back and I do want to get this extra weight off. To that end I have adjusted my loseit plan to a goal weight of 185, and I have adjusted my calorie budget to 1800, I know this goest against the grain of intuitive eating. I hope this is only for a short time, at least until I can get back to walking. I am not going to deprive myself of any food I love. I will cut back on what I see is my issue at this time, and that is bread, and sweets. I do not believe that bread and sweets are completely bad, they just need to be controlled. I also know with my low blood sugar that I have to have carbs to keep my sugar level stable.  I will just see if I can get everything under control again.

This Ash Wednesday so we are off to Church and a lunch time snack. Then the fireplace guy is coming to see if he can fix our heatilator.  

It is raining

Woke up this morning to a flash flood warning. It just means that the low lands well below my home could be in trouble. At 1250 feet above ...