Wednesday, July 18, 2018

It has been a while

I have been busy and have not really had anything to write about. 
My weight is hanging in at 197.4 which is good and well within my happy weight range. My blood pressure is also doing great. I do have sinus issues due to the damp and humid weather.
My waist continues to go down just a little. My pants are fitting even better. If I continue to lose my belly fat I am going to need new pants. My eating habits are do reasonably well. I do have bad days and very good day. It is averaging out nicely. My weight does bounce around from a high of about 199 to a low of 196. With the heat and humidity I really do not want to eat hot meals and in doing so I am eating more fresh salads and fruit. And drinking lots of unsweet tea and water. On my bad days I am eating about a half a cup of ice cream. And I have had a couple of issues with low blood sugar and have had to eat a small snack size snickers bar. 

It has been so hot and we have had almost daily rain so I have not been riding my Vespa as much as I would like. We are working to get the garage cleaned up so we can unload the last POD when it gets here the first of August. Most of what is in it is going to go to charity I a sure.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Thunderstorms again

I am not complaining we need the rain, we are under burn bans in the county and all around us.  Seeing we live in a National Forest we need to be very careful. 

Now on to what I have been thinking about. When I first started to lose my weight back in 2010 I did it by just cutting back on how much I ate, AK portion control. I did that for about 8 months before I found loseit. Sure loseit did help me figure out a lot about foods, but the calorie counting for almost 7 years stressed me out, and I gained weight back while still counting those calories. Why, well our bodies will put up with us forcing it to lose weight for only so long then it will start fighting back and that happened to me big time. I was still eating the same as I had been at the time I lost the weight counting calories but my body needed something I was not giving it so it turned my hormones against me. And I started gaining. Why? Well, I have come to understand that our bodies have a happy weight or set point weight range, and if we force our bodies out of that range it fights back. Now that fighting back can be overridden even more and force us to gain even more by the added chemicals that are added to the so called foods that our food industry uses to get us to eat more and buy more food. Well,  I was not eating that much processed foods but enough, and my body started working on me. I gained back the weight I had lost by using loseit. I finally figured out what was happening and I stopped the processed foods and started to eat really real food again, I did not change my calories but I started to lose the weight again. So what did I do I cut back on calories trying to force my weight down even more, and went below my body’s set point and my body turned on me once again and forced me back up. I am now holding with in my body’s happy weight range by eating real food most of the time. I am controlling my portions, and I am keeping my calories in and calories out balanced. I am in the lower in of what I have come to understand as my happy weight range. I know come winter I will go to the upper end of that range and that is my normal. I have also managed to gain some extra muscle, and lose some fat by what I am doing due to exercise and chores. Also fasting can help you create more muscle and it does not really cause you or in my case me to lose weight, just keep in under control. I do not fast days at a time, only about 14 to 18 hours most days. At first I got really hungry and wanted to eat by now I no long seem to feel hungry on the fast. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The way it is for me.

What is the right diet and weight management plan?
The true answer is what ever works for me. 

What is the right weight that I should be?
The correct answer is the weight I can manage to hold, and be healthy. It does not have to be by some chart or calculator, it just needs to be a weight that my body is happy with. It will be the weight that my lab work is the best it can be, I will have the best blood pressure I can have, and it will be due to the fact I am eating as healthy as possible and still be happy with what I am eating. 

I am finding and finally understanding that our bodies have their happy weight or set point weight range that it will stay within as long as you eat as healthy as you can. That does not mean to me I have to give up on all sweets, and fast foods, or all processed foods. It means keeping them under control by keeping them with in a limit. Now I am going to add that I am healthy and am not diabetic or any other disease. I do have issues with my blood pressure at times, and I now know it is due to stress and too much salt. I have it under control at this time by controlling how much salt I take in, and managing my stress levels. So if you have a disease that causes you to have to eat a certain way I say that if you want to be healthy then you will have to learn to eat to control or defeat the disease. 

I do believe in eating real food most of the time, that means to me at least 80% of the time all of the time, and whenever possible at least 90% of the time. That may sound confusing so here it is if I am traveling and on the road I eat 80% real healthy food. If I am home I make sure I eat real and healthy 90% of the time. And to be honest if I am out on the road for more than a week eating at 80% then I will return home and for a week I will eat at 100% real healthy foods. I also find that if I am traveling I can go longer between meals due to being busy driving, or doing other things so that works in with my fasting times and helps offset the bad eating. At home with my wife it is harder for me to fast the way I would like to due to her requirements for eating due to her very small stomach, but I still say no to a lot of eating she asks me to do with her. 

So here is my beliefs and you can take it or leave it. Weight management is not about the scale, it is about being healthy with good medical lab results. Which really means the best they can be for me? I am also finding that I can make my health worse, and my lab work worse by forcing my body to be and stay below the weight it wants to be at. It is also true for my blood pressure I was forcing my weight below what my body wanted and my blood pressure was higher than now. A lot of that is due to the stress I was placing on myself due to trying to stay within a calorie range. I still log what I eat but I do not count calories. I am going from habit now and it is working for me. I still do portion control and size limits for what I eat. I do not eat seconds, and I am eating only 2 meals a day with a snack of nuts. My wife believes in a wide verity of food, and I am someone that could eat the same things over and over most of the time. My wife is a believer in pasta and breads I am not so much into pasta and breads. I do love a good salad and can and do a whole meal out of a green leafy salad. My bread of choice is something I know is not that healthy but I do love homemade cornbread and I have it once a month at most.

To survive the weight management game I have to have a healthy mix of eating healthy real foods and my health allows me to have a less healthy mix of the foods I love but know I cannot eat all to time, but I have to allow myself to have it every now and then.  The main thing that destroys a good eating plan is boredom and eating foods I cannot stand. I repeat the main thing that destroys a good eating plan is boredom and eating food I cannot stand. The next thing is being overly hungry day after day. We can only force our bodies to do things it does not like for so long and it will force us to do what it wants by the use of our hormones. I have seen it happen to me over and over again. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Live goes on

My wife made it home early Sunday morning, We are trying to get back on schedule. She and I have different needs when it comes to eating. She has a very small stomach due to illness, and surgery. So she does eat more meals and snack at times. I am trying to stay on my fasting schedule and it is hard. My weight is 198.4 which is up about 4 tenths of a pound, more than likely it is just salt. I will do my best to work around her needs for she has no weight she can afford to lose. 

Yesterday was fun we got out and rode our scooters around the area, and had lunch at the Shack again. We rode both inside and outside the Village and clocked about 40 miles. We did it for fun, practice, and for taking care of business. 

Lunch at the Shack

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Yesterday was a very long day.

I was up at 6 am and did not go to bed until almost 02:00 this morning. My wife flew in from her trip to Erie Pa, the flight did not get in until 11:30 pm and by the time she found her bags it was almost midnight. It is an hour+ drive to and from the airport. And oh yes just as I was getting ready to leave for the airport I find out that my jeep does not have any low beam headlights so I am sure I made a few people mad as I had to drive with high beams only. 
My weight is morning is down a very little, I am now 198.2 which I find great seeing I had a very bad day with food yesterday. I did not stick with my eat only from about noon until about 4:00 pm, I was stressed waiting for my wife so I did eat more than I normally do. I would estimate calorie wise I did not go over what loseit would allow me to eat, but that is still more that I should eat. I will also have to get back to my fasting again by slowly adjusting my time so I do my fast again. And it will not be as easy with my wife at home. While she was away I would eat my last meal at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon. With my wife at home it will be closer to 6 in the afternoon. My wife also believes in breakfast as I believe in breakfast food whenever I feel like eating she believes in eating as soon as possible after getting up. I will still be ok as long as I stick with my normal of eating only 2 meals a day worth of food. I just will not drop my belly fat as fast as I did this past week. 

Saturday, July 7, 2018

I have always followed others leads while finding my own way.

So what am I saying? I start out by following others to see what they are doing, I analyze what they are doing and make adjustments to work for myself. Sometimes that only means minimal changes, and other times it means totally scraping that ideal and finding something else to try. I have read most of the popular books on diets and over the last 40 years tried the ones that made sense to me. But I am saying in the end all of them do not work for me for the long run. So I am going my on way now. Yes, I am doing fasting, on my terms. I am eating what I enjoy and know I can stick with while fasting about 14 - 20 hours a day. I love carbs, and meat, and fats and all of the rest. I do not have issues with them as long as I do not over do any of them. So, fasting and portion control is what it is taking for me. Yes, I need to be active and I need to do resistance workouts. But again, I do it my way and it is working. 

I believe to blindly follow others lead is foolish and even dangerous. And am I saying that calories in and calories out does not work? No, not really, it is about eating less than what you are burning. But I am saying that counting calories is a good way to start and learn about food, but it is stressful, at least it has been for me. Stress means my hormones goes nuts, and I end up eating something I should not, and just in general the more I stress the more fat I get around the old belly. So how do I know I am not eating more than I am burning. Well, lets see, I am not gaining weight, and my weight is even going down a little. That is a no brainer. The scale is important in doing this my way. But there is something else that I have had to do, and that is to give up on the charts and the concept that I am not healthy unless I weigh less than a BMI of 24.9. That is just some number that someone or group came up with a very long time ago. Our bodies know what its ideal weight is and it is going to fight tooth and nail to stay in that weight range. I know this because over the last 40 years of my life I have fought my body over this issue over and over. If I lose too much weight my body manages to work me back to where it wants to be. If I gain my body manages to work me back to where it wants to be. I know now that my body’s happy weight range is some where between 195 and about 205, without cloths. It does not matter what I do if I eat the correct foods that are real food most of the time. And if I do not go overboard on eating sweets and drinking alcohol my weight is going to bounce within the 195 to 205 at the limits, and most of the time it will be closer to 197 to 200. 

So how have I screwed up this balance in the past and gain the weight that I did? In a nutshell I was drinking way to many diet cokes, I was eating way too much snacks and desserts. But worse than that I was eating processed factory created foods all the time, and the more I ate the crap the more I was wanting to eat it. Processed foods are created to make us want to eat more of it.  It has been created to screw with our hormones that make us want to eat and it turns off our hormones that tell us we are full. 

And while I am at it why do you thing we are being told to eat small meals 6 times a day? It is not because it is good for us it is because it makes the food industry more money, and the more overweight we become it makes our doctors, the drug companies, the diet industry, and the fitness industry more money. Our being over weight as a human race makes everyone rich but us. 

I know you more than likely do not believe this because you want to believe that your doctor would not stir you wrong and your government would not do so either. Keep believing it as you keep losing and gain your weight over and over. I have done so way to many times and I am calling it quits as of now. 

Yesterday was a better day

It tried to rain all day but never did here. This morning my weight is down to 198.4 pounds. I made it past a 16 hour fast. My goal today is 20 hours. I ate what I wanted within a 4 hour window yesterday and it really felt great. I was never hungry and did not want anything sweet either. It really does feel good to be free from counting calories. I cannot explain the feelings I have about not worrying about how many calories I eat. I am finally understanding again that calories do not define me. Sure I am still writing down what I eat, and it amazes me what I can eat now that I would have either not eaten before or I would have stressed over eating it. Due to the fasting I do not believe I am eating anymore that I was before I just eat the same amount  in a shorter time frame. I am still very much doing my best to only eat real and healthy foods. I still do not eat very much or very often processed or fast foods. I do not drink sugary drinks except for 6 oz of juice with my first meal of the day. I do not eat low fat or low carb. I have whole milk with whey protein, I have cereal or toast or bread in a limited amount. I have my fruit, veggies and nuts. The nuts are my main stay when it comes to a quick snack.  It is very important to stay busy and entertained while fasting so you do not think about food, it is also very important to stay out of the kitchen and pantry. My exercises are very important, and resistance workouts are the most important part of my exercises. 

Am I saying this is for you? No, I am not but if you are healthy and wish to try it I would recommend it. I was very resistive to fasting for a long time, I believed that with my low blood sugar I could not do it. I believe I am seeing that my eating way too often was causing me more issues than helping me. Life is an experiment and we should not be afraid to try new things. I will go back to a saying that is stuck in my head:

“Only a fool keeps doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

It has been a while

I have been busy and have not really had anything to write about.  My weight is hanging in at 197.4 which is good and well within my happ...