Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Stress is bad for your weight and your health

The more you stress about your weight the more you will eat and the more weight you will gain, and the more you will eat.

Please stop and just really think about what I wrote above. Stress causes your body to produce more fat which means more weight. This is so true for most people. Sure I have seen a few people in my life time that when stress they could not eat but they were the very few special people in my life. Most of us eat when stressed. 

If you stress over your weight odds are you eat more than you think you do. Stress makes you think about somethings and do other things without thinking and most of the times that is eat. 

Did you know that depriving your body of the foods it needs and are use to eating is stressful too? What I am saying is that you may think you are not stressed but if you deprive yourself of the foods you need and are use to eating that your body stresses. Also, I will take it another step and say if you do exercises that you really do not like to do just because someone or some document told you that you should do it to lose weight, that you could be stressing over it and really causing yourself to gain fat.

Hungry is stressful not only to your body but to you as a person. And being too hungry makes you eat more than you normally would, which means you end up stuffing yourself which is in itself stressful to your body and digestive system. 

So what is my point to all of this. Stop stressing over the way you eat and what you eat. Enjoy life and enjoy the food you love and need. Enjoy being active by doing the activities that you enjoy. Learn to never be hungry and to never eat to the point of being stuffed. 

The less you stress yourself and your body the better you will be and the healthier you will become. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Never diet, learn to eat for life.

Never diet, never deprive yourself of the foods you need and love. The really truth is once you learn to never diet or deprive your body of the food it needs and wants you will naturally eat less. You will not want to over eat. Your weight will naturally become what is meant to be for your body type and your gene pool. 
But you cannot expect to lose weight fast or perhaps to even lose weight, but you will become a healthier person. You will become someone that does not crave the foods you want, you will be free to socialize again with your friends and family. You will not be afraid to go our to eat because you are afraid you will eat too much. Once you have learned to not deprive yourself you will naturally now when you need to eat and you will stop eating before you eat too much. 

This does not happen over night it takes time, for some months are even a year or more. For me it has taken me about 3 months to get really in tune with my body and my stomach. It feels so wonderful to be with family and friends and have a great meal and walk away from the table satisfied but not with a feeling that you are stuffed and miserable. Sure I still log everything I eat, for me it is a case of countability, and I still weigh myself. The true believe in this way of eating does not weigh themselves or log the foods they eat, I am not there and most likely will never be there. Their concept is that they are happy being free to eat what they like and need, without the shame they were feeling before, they do not weigh themselves due to the same reason. They also respect their bodies the way they really are. Most do lose in the long run be it slowly. Most do not lose the amount of weight they wanted to while they were dieters. But that has become a thing of the past and they have put the past behind them. 

You still need to be active not to lose weight but to be fit which makes you healthier. 

This is a mindset and a way of thinking and living that goes against everything we have been told. We see diet in the media, TV and movies, and advertisement. The diet concept is every where you go and in everything you see and read. You have to learn to put it all out of your mind and be come near minded about not dieting. 

Do calories still count? I believe they do, the true follower does not. But I have found that if I listen to my stomach and body to what I need and want, I no longer eat as much as I did even while following the calorie guidelines and calculators. And that is with me having the freedom to eat, the cookies, ice cream, cakes, pies and brownies that I love a certain times of the year. Knowing that I can eat them has lead to me eat much less of them. Most times one cookie or one spoon full of ice cream or one bite out of the cake or brownie is all that I need. 

When I started following this concept I weight 195, and at first I gained a few pounds but now I am down to my lowest weight that I have been at for over 30 years. I am down to 187.4 pounds. My weight has varied a lot less, even with eating more salt at times. I am still very active and I do walk an average of 8 miles a day. But I walk not so much for my weight as I do for enjoyment. 

That is something else that I have found important we should be active/exercise for enjoyment and now because we feel we have to. If you do it because you believe you have to then it is work and it is not enjoyment. We should enjoy life. Not make life a job and work. Most of you have work you have to do to make a living, why make the rest of your life work too. 

Your health is important make it fun not work to be healthy! 

Saturday, November 18, 2017

You can have your cake and eat it to.

If you are someone that is fully in tune with your body, you listen to it to know when you are hungry, and when you are full you will be much healthier, and if you are active too, then you will also be fitter. I have come to understand just how big a failure our dieting mentality really is. The diet definition should be changes to meaning failure. Diets all fail at some point in time. Our bodies are not meant to be deprived of the foods they need. Our bodies are not meant to be deprived of the foods we enjoy. 

Anytime you deprive your body and yourself of the foods you love, and the foods your body needs you will fail at a diet and you will over eat. If you listen to your body and give it the foods it wants and needs you will come to a point of never over eating, or being heavier than what is correct for your body. Now, that does not always mean you will be at the weight you have been told you should weigh, because of some chart or calculator. It means that you will at some point weigh at what is correct for you gene pool. 

So how do you get to this point, first you do not restrict yourself from eating what you love, or what your body needs to function. Your body will tell you what you need to eat if you really listen to it. Yes, more than likely you may gain weight in the beginning, then you will start eating less than you were you will stop over eating, and you will start to lose weight. How long does this take? There is no easy answer, it depends on how long you have been dieting, And how long you have been depriving your body of the food it needs and wants. At first you will eat more than you have been and you will gain, they you slowly learn that you do not need that much to eat. Then you will slowly start losing the weight, if you are over weight by what your gene pool, age, etc determines that you should weigh. 

I have been slowly doing this since late June and I have lost to my lowest weight in in a very long time. I am even eating more than I was before but I am eating what my body needs. I do not allow myself to become hungry, and I do not allow myself to be stuffed. This at first is not that easy but as you learn yourself and listen to your body it becomes natural. 

Does this mean that you can eat anything you want? Yes! Does this mean you can eat all you want? I prefer to say you can eat all you need. This is about not depriving yourself of food. It means not setting goals for carbs, proteins, fats or calories. It means eating them all the way you need them. What is really means is as you come to understand that you are not limited or deprived of the foods you need or want you will come to eat them in moderation? What it really amounts to is freedom of choice and freedom to eat as needed, when needed and how much needed. Does this mean you will never have health or weight issues? In theory yes. 

Now you also need to be active with some kind of activity that you enjoy. And you also need to understand basic nutrition and eat health. But you never need to diet or say that awful word again. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

Just my thoughts running over

I am learning if you deprive yourself of food you love then you will overeat it every time you get a chance to eat it. 
I have learned if you do not deny yourself the foods you love you will eat less food over all. 
I have also learned that if you are active doing things you enjoy doing then you burn more calories than if you force yourself to exercise at something you dislike. 
I have come to understand that if you listen to your body and give it the foods it needs, and you want to eat then you will not eat as much and you will have a better chance to lose weight.
I have also learned that if you deprive your body of the food it needs you end up over eating until your body is satisfied and has what it needs. 
We talk about fueling our bodies and that is try. If you do not fuel your body with what it needs then you set yourself up to eat more than you should because your body is forcing you to do so to get that nutrition that it needs. 
Carbs are your bodies fuel of choice. Proteins are what your body needs to preserve your muscles. And your brain needs sugar, and fat. Also eating fat real prevents your body from creating more fat in places you do not want it. 
I always here the words moderation, but I find that listening your body and feeding it with the amount it needs is what really works. 
This concept takes time to learn and it requires you eat without being distracted, by TV, computers, phone calls, or anything else. 

I end by asking when your body screams it needs a cookie why do you give it something that taste like cardboard, like rice cakes. Learn to give your body what it is really wanting and you will be leaner happier, and healthier for it.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A new way of thinking or the anti-diet way to life

This a slowly happened over a course of months starting the last week of June 2017. I had been dieting ever since Thanksgiving 2010. I had started using loseit.com the last week of July of 2011. I had started using a Fitbit the first week of August 2011. This all let to me going from 290 pounds at Thanksgiving of 2010, to my weight at this time of 187.8 pounds this morning. Back in June of this year my weight was about 195 and I was stuck, and I was tired of dieting. I slowly allowed myself to eat what I wanted, and I started really listening to my body to what I needed to eat and when I was really hungry. This process did not really take as long as I figured to start paying off. I am still logging on loseit.com but I no longer worry about the calories I eat and I do not worry about what I eat. I have a feeling of what my body needs now and I honor that by eating what it needs and or wants. I am getting to the point that I do not feel guilty if I decide to eat a cookie, ice cream, brownie or any thing else. I am also learning that my body needs and wants carbs more that I was wanting to eat them, as well as fats.

I stopped using the Fitbit devices in late September 2017 when I made the leap to Apple Watch, and I have to say that it changed me a lot. And actually it started a new round of weight loss for me. The watch has me up and standing and moving at least 12 hours a day for a few minutes so I earn a goal for the day. This I believe is important to keep me active and burning calories. With the Watch I am actually getting in more steps everyday than I was before, because I am more active. But I am showing less calories burned in Loseit, which is okay with me seeing I never ate back my calories burned anyway. 

This all started with me reading the book “The Diet Fix” which is about the fact that all diets fail sooner or later and I know that oh so well. Even while using Loseit and Fitbit I dropped to a low of 195 and started to gain back and gained up to 250. Then I finally turned it around a gain to manage to be where I am at today. I know oh so well that I could easily gain back again if I do not stay on top of my walking and my eating. But I have a new respect for my body’s needs, and I know now that if you deprive your body of any of the foods it needs then you will be forces to eat and eat to the point of over eating until your body finally gets what it needs. So the need to not deprive out bodies of what they need is the first rule to weight management. 

This week I found another really good book and read it, it is “Intuitive Eating”. It is the anti-diet book. It’s first real is to eat before you are too hungry and to stop eating before you are too full. It is all about not worrying about what you eat and to give your body what it needs. It is also about not worrying about your body and respect it and who you are. It also is about feeding yourself with what your body needs and not depriving it of any foods. It is about never weighing yourself because that is a negative thought. So Intuitive Eating is about the positives of life. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

Weight loss is not a game.

I see so many that want to turn their health, and weight management into a game. This is not a game it is our lives that we are dealing with. We should not be in a rush to lose weight,  the best way to lose the weight is to change our lifestyle so we control our weight over the long run. We lose the weight slowly by eating real food, and controlling our portions. I understand that for some they will need to stop eating some foods that they are allergic to, that is causing their weight issues. But for most it is just a case of eating real food, staying away from processed foods and fast foods most of the time. I also except the concept there are times that we will either have to eat less clean as they say, that is going to happen. But the concept is that we eat clean at least 80% of the time. The other thing that I see is that they want to make it a challenge to beat someone else, to me that is completely wrong, the only one you should be challenging is yourself. We should all challenge ourselves to do better today than we did yesterday. That could mean eating more real foods today than yesterday. I could mean walking a little farther today than yesterday. I could just mean to have a better outlook on life today than yesterday. 

The most import thing I want everyone to understand is this we should never rush our weight loss, we should be working slowly at losing the weight with the thought in mine that we are going to have to maintain that weight loss once we reach that goal.

Now on to something else that most seem to miss understand. This misunderstanding is easy to happen with our TVs and internet being full of this concept lose the weight ASAP. But not of those ads give you any indication of how you are going to keep that weight off. Really they know you will not and that is what they are banking on. They want your money!! Remember that they want your money.  

You have to come up with a plan to lose your weight that you are willing to stay with the rest of your life. I repeat myself “You have to come up with a plan to lose your weight that you are willing to stay with the rest of your life.” I will explain my reasoning if you follow the correct plan when you reach your weight goal or as I am going to say here the weight your body should be at you will be eating the correct amount of calories per day and you will be exercising the correct about each day and you should continue at that level from now on. But you will have to make some adjustments a long for age. As we get older we need less for the same weight. 

My plan as I have it is this I eat to not feel hungry and at the same time I stop eating before I feel too full. How to you know when you reach this point? For me it has slowly happened over time. I have been working at it now for over 6 years. Does that mean I am going to stop logging? No, I am not. You see logging is part of my plan and it comes easy to me. I have been journaling for my whole life. I feel like something is missing if I do not log my food.

My last commit is this we are all different and we all have to find what works for each of us. But I will say this crash diets do not ever work. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A State of Mind - My Story

Weight lose is the battle of your will and your body. In you mind you see all of the fancy ads on TV, that talk about how fast you can lose the weight if you buy their wonder this or that. But reality sets in and you find that yes maybe you can lose the weight fast, but what happens when you stop using the wonder this or that. You go back to the way you were eating what you were and your weight more than likely goes back to where it was and adds even more to it.
I have been there and done that so I am speaking from my experience. Now I am going to tell you a story and it is going to be a little long.

As a boy in middle school and high school I as always fairly slim and trim, but I always had a little bit of a belly. At 21 years old I joined the Navy and left for Boot Camp 3 days after my 21st birthday. I weight 167 pounds and was right at 6 feet talk. Boot Camp was 11 weeks long, in that 11 weeks I gained up to 210 pounds. I had never ate the foods that they fed us before going in to the Service. I was always eating food grown on the farm before I went in the service. I went from a 28 inch waist to a 33 inch waist in those 11 weeks. I felt less active and I felt that I was not able to do as much as I was before Boot. After Boot I was sent to schools so I was in a classroom all day 5 days a week, and on top of that I was going to evening classes. I do not really know what my weight was for most of my time in the service, I just know that I was able to wear the same close I was given in Boot most of my time in the service. I was never given PTs and was never asked to prove I could run or do other real exercises as long as I was in the service. That had to do with the fact my job was never physical it was always desk, and lab work. I did do some really physical work while in a special agency that had me setting up communication all over the country and the world. But I never really noticed any weight loss, or gain. I got out of the service in February of 1977, I remember my weight from my physical that I got leaving the service and it was around 225. So I had stated reasonably stable for the 8 years. The summer of 1977 I was having headaches and not feeling that good so I went to my doctor and was told I had high blood pressure. I was places on medication that made me feel worse than I was without it. I ended up not take the medication due to the fact I could not do my job and take the pills I was given. So I found another doctor that told me that if I would lose some of my weight and become active that more than likely I would not need the medication. My weight at that time was 235, I started riding my bicycle and getting as much other activity as I could while working 10 to 12 hours a day 6 days a week. My weight never really got any lower but I was more active and my blood pressure was under control. I managed to stay away from medications and at least my weight stated stable until when I was about 45, my job changed again, and my son was off to college and I did not have my riding partner so I stopped riding my bike and I spend all of my time chasing every computer certification and class that I could. My weight started up and I ended up back on blood pressure medication, acid reflux medication, and even for a while cholesterol medications. And I lived with the medications for over 15 years. I was so busy trying to feed my family and get them through school that I forgot about myself. At that time I lost my first wife to a car accident and that made my life even worse, due to not have her and my daughter was off to college at the same time. I no longer wanted to be at home. I worked and even made excuses to stay over night a lot. I also chased more certificates. My weight went up and up. I started seeing and old friend that I new and we ended up getting married. She is a great cook, and I managed to lose some weight for a while but I was chasing certificates and jobs trying to make ends meet, so my weight went back up to the point that I could not even tie my own shoes. This was 2010 at about Thanksgiving and my doctor wanted to put me on one of the sleeping machines and I said no, I cannot stand anything over my nose. So I made him a promise and a promise to myself to lose the weight. Now my goal was not a number on the scale but to get off all prescription medications. I was up to 290 pounds. On New Year’s Day 2011 the day I say I really started losing weight I was down 10 pounds. That was a victory in itself. I stuck with just portion control up until March then I quit drinking diet cokes, and I started to walk. At first I was lucky to make it a quarter of a mile. But I stayed at it. July 26, 2011, I found and joined loseit, and Fitbit, by then I was walking a few miles non-stop and was feeling good and my weight was down to around 250. I never stopped the portion control but now I was logging and learning how to portion my food out better over the day. And Fitbit was giving me really goals to meet. By New Year’s Day 2012 I was down to 208 and I was walking 10K steps a day with ease, and I was also riding my bike again. I have lots of energy and I was off all medications. My goal was reached, even with my still be being 23 pounds heavier that my doctor wanted me at. Worse was the fact my weight just was no longer coming off with ease. Every pound was like a war being fought. I never stopped logging and never stopped trying to figure out if I needed changes to my diet. I also worked at increasing my walking and reached as much as 25K steps a day. By the end of 2013 I was down to 195 and walking and bicycling. 
Then came February 2014 and I was forced to retire. My weight started going up and up, I was still logging, and I was still active but not walking as much. I just could not figure out what was wrong and I kept cutting back on my portion sizes. Early 2016 my weight was up to 250 again and I was eating very little, but gaining weight and I was still as active as I had been but not walking that much. I gave up and asked my doctor if I could get a referral to a dietitian. I started seeing the dietitian and the very first appointment we just talked and she suggested that I get an RMR test, I had to ask what that was and she explained it was to test my metabolism. I got the test the next week and we found that it was lower than it should be. The reason was as she put it was I was not eating as much as I should. I started by eating the way and the amounts she recommended and walking again At first I gained weight. I was eating more but still only portion control and no special diet. After about 2 months I started losing weight again. Very slowly at first then I would have weeks I would lose 2 or 3 pounds. By New Year’s Day 2017, I was back down 205. I was walking my 10k to 15K steps a day every day. My weight kept coming down until I got to about 195 and it stalled out there for about 6 months. 
I was reading and researching weight loss and plateaus/set points. I came across a few very good books. But the most interesting was the concept that stress is our worse enemy when it comes to weight management. So about 3 months ago I started following some very good at vice that I want to share with you. 

What is a failed plan?
Eating foods you are not willing to eat the rest of your life.
You are eating less food than you need and you are hungry all the time.
You are exercising but you hate what you are doing.
You are not allowing yourself to have any pleasure in what you eat and the exercises you are doing.
You are dependent on the scale as your measure of success in your plan.
You are unhappy or miserable when out with friends and family due to lack of what you feel you are allowed to eat.
You have not planned for missteps, bad food days, or days for rest.
You cannot think about anything else but your weight, your diet, and what exercise you will be doing next.
You are not sleeping at least 7 hours a night.
You are giving up sleep to exercise.
You believe that you cannot lose weight without exercising yourself to the point of total exhaustion
You allow friends or family to get away with telling you that you do not need to lose the weight or that you should gain some of it back.
You are not happy with your life then your plan is a failure.

You have not researched all types of plans and made a decision just for you.
You are not flexible about your food choices.
You do not have a wide variety of food choices.
I am sure there are other things to be said I will add them later if I think of them.

I live by this now I continue to log everyday. I walk everyday, and I do resistance workouts 3 days a week. As of this morning I was down to 189. I cannot even describe how much energy that I have. I am walking 7 miles non-stop at a pace of just about 4 miles an hour. I am almost 70 years old and I feel like I am 30. You to can do it you just have to stay with the plan that works for you. I believe that what I follow above is the key to my plan. 

Please never give up and never stop working the plan if the plan is not working for you make adjustments and give it a month. And make more adjustments if needed. 

You can do it if I can.

Charles Kemp 

My motto is JUST DO IT